Sunday, 20 January 2013

Welcoming year 2013

I think I can now say, a year has passed since I last blogged.

I am back! (Arnold’s tone) Lol

Well it’s now 2013. 2011 and 2012 have left me with many fond and sour memories.

Let’s begin with Rupini’s brother’s DSLR. It’s a Canon EOS100D. It was welcomed into the family in 2010 itself. I love it, but I am not as good. I wish I could lay my hands on it, as when I please. But it’s in KL and I’m in JB. Yet, it’s owned by the brother, safekept by Rupi and mostly used by me. To the extent, I had taken in once, without the presence of the guardian. Haha. Moving on, Rupi’s skills are improving. Now, she seems little addicted to Lightroom. Wish here good luck and that her chemistry with the camera grows. =)

The veena, is my best friend now. I could sit with it, whole day, not realising time passing by. I guess, not only me, but anyone, given the chance to live for their passion, could just live on with it. Veena practically takes half the time, of which, when I am not at work. I have a long way to go, learning to play the veena. My teacher seems to have a plan for me, which I hope it works out well. At the same time, I attempt to play some songs. Its’ quite easy if you know (or guess) the notes. Next comes the playing techniques. These techniques could do wonders in playing a song. Acquiring those skills need only be taught, but takes time master little enough feel good over listening to me play. Lol.

Out of norm, mid of 2012, I went to Sri Lanka! Woohoo. That was one awesome trip. Well I didn’t really do much, except the beach, but it was a worth trip because I finally managed to meet the other part of the family. Only then I realised, how big my mother’s line is. My mother has an elder brother (demised), elder sister (demised) and two younger sisters in Sri Lanka. So, in total, I have 11 cousins. Of which, four have seen me grow up as a baby, two I have met few years ago in KL and leaving the rest strangers to me(literally). I only knew their names.
Getting to meet the whole clan was one memorable one. 7 cousins and 4, with their spouses. During then, I felt that I had missed so much fun, growing up with cousins. It was a little set back that my brother, sister in law and my cousins of my uncles were not able to make it. I nearly forgot to mention the tinier members of the family. They are below 7 years age, so I think i need not describe how children they are. Youngest of all, baby Kiran was the centre of attraction. Could you imagine the vibration, having seven children and one baby? Goodness. That was one awesome gathering. Returning KL seemed very hard, then. Haha. I miss that moment. Hope to have another similar gathering.

I remember putting myself in a stringent budget after Sri Lanka, yet, I found my way to Penang twice. Haha. One was to celebrate Merdeka and the other, a close friend, Palani’s engagement. The first trip was more fun. It was a pleasant surprise to me, when Rupi decided to come, without me knowing. I’m sorry Rupi I am illiterate in expressing surprise. =). Thanks for coming!

Time moved on and I have no clue of what have I been doing. Work, home, sleep and the cycle continues. Gym came into picture, and still remains a mirage. I tend to look good for the big day, so I am still continuing my gym, anxiously looking forward to a slight change, in size.

There must always be a balance in life. As much of fun I had over the year, I lost somewhat two significant people in my life last year. One, Ratnam periamma, and Kassipilay ammamma.

Ratnam periamma is one of my big mums in KL. I like visiting her, as I have always felt welcomed at her house. The three akkas and three annes, have always made me feel at home. More than me, anne has more memories of periamma. My unfortunate, I grew up in Segambut, slightly further from Bamboo garden. I didn’t enjoy the privilege anne enjoyed at her house. Yet I have enjoyed my Monday, after pasar malam visits.

Next soul that found its way to God is my ammamma. My mother calls here Kassipilay chinnamma. (You see this Ceylonese or the PKs have this habit of having a title names for the all the uncles. It’s simple, the pre fix comes on either the type of the house, city address, husband’s occupation for example, mel veedhu mamee (aunty who lives upstairs), lawyer clerk mamee (aunty whose husband is a clerk in the lawyer’s office), PJRanee mamee (aunty who lives in PJ). So Kassipilay definitely refers to the place where she lives, Kg Kassipilay, off Jalan Ipoh. She being a cousin sister of amma’s mother, she becomes my mother’s chinnamma, and so, my grand aunty. I don’t have memories of my grandmother, and this ammamma has been my grandmother. But she and taataa have literally been our grandparents.  One cute chubby elderly lady she is. She utters few words, and pants for breath. She has a secret compartment in her fridge. There’s always food in her house, at any point of time. And it will be served to you, as many times you want. That’s how gem of a lady she is. I so miss this taataa.
May God bless their souls. R.I.P.

And so like that, year was coming to an end. No matter how bad of financial crises I am struck upon, Rupi made sure we met for Christmas.  I guess it’s like end of the year vacation practice. Last year however, it didn’t work out well. My factory was shut down for some major improvement and maintenance works. Not only Christmas, but New Year too, was not as grand. Lucky me, a friend Raj and my ex-housemate Jega were available to bring to Coffee Trap for the countdown. =)

I hope I get to accomplish those thoughts in my mind. My un fortune, they happened to share the same target of accomplishment, this year. Hahaha. So wish me luck people.

It’s already 20th of January, yet I don’t think it’s too late to wish everyone Happy New Year and Best Wishes in your undertakings.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The year as seen till July

As I am online now, I realise my tomorrows is yet to arrive, even after 3 months. That’s how long have I not blogged.

In fact, this too I am not sure when would I complete and post it. Let’s see how many tomorrow it takes. (Today is 6th Aug 11).

So, what is there to say? Well. July is over. Significance: Half the year has passed by and another half to go. Overall, the year has been behaving. Lol. Apart from the minor uproars and disregards with dear ones, and the not so liking to work where I am now, it has been a wonderful year.

July - Aug is also the duration of Amman’s auspicious month. Thiruvizhas. The temple my house celebrates the Thiruvizha every year, and this year I was able to participate. It was indeed a tiring day, but at the end, feeling Her vibe had just made the day beyond perfect. Wish the vibe took away the aches and tiredness. 

Next waited temple visits are Sathurthi and Sashti.

2011 is full of much fond memories. I am just grateful to God for all the good he has put into my life. For all the uproars faced, I hope it is for a good start, for everyone.

Happy Waiting-For-Year-End folks!!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Second R&D Project

Today was somewhat an "interesting" day at work.

My very own production of a SUV based resin. If you're not familiar with the word SUV, it simply stands for Ultra Violet. Its applications in the industries are indeed wide. But as far as my company is concern, it behaves as an agent of self curing, exposed to sun light. Curing means able to harden into a new form with or without presence of heat.

Speaking of which, UV resin by itself, is an interesting topic of discussion. There's another product, which requires luminescence test. Huh? Luminescence test is conducted on the sample, using a UV light (blue in colour). We were taught how to perform and analyse the test, but we still didn't get the hang of it. So when I tried "Google"-ing it, I was pretty surprised on the amount videos available pertaining to luminescence and UV. If you're interested go give it a try. Opening another tab, typing luminescence isn't that hard you know. It only takes less than 5minutes. Lol :P

So coming back to my story. You know, this happens each time I talk to my girl over the phone. Somehow rather we shift and when we've realised it, either one of us go "Mm, what was I saying?". You see, it's happening again!!

Laughs. (I'm sure YOU are smiling too. :) Cheers)

Yes, so today was my second attempt in producing our R&D product. Well, as a R&D Exec, I finally get to do my own experiment. As interesting as it gets, I have realised that producing one product in a mini-reactor, is equally not pleasing, unless you have a good work partner. The tedious measuring, mixing, stirring and ... It gets really bad, especially when the materials tend to be sticky and highly viscous. Can't reach my phone, can't lift my jeans that slipping its way down. Grr. 

Haha, but now that it's over, it feels like let's do another one, where the measuring is much easier. Could you imagine, materials that have to be weighed as small as 0.006kg (which is just 6g) takes about 3 minutes, JUST TO WEIGH? This is not including the time where you pour it out from a 20kg pail can, wipe the sides of the container such that it doesn't drip all the way, and pouring the balance back into the can, wiping the sides, shutting the can, putting aside neatly such that it doesn't obstruct the on going project.

But yes, it was kind a fun, after the weighing and returning the can back to the warehouse. A sticky fun though. Lol. My boss has not given instruction of tests that need to be carried out, so testing will have to wait till Monday.
Yes. It is 4.35 pm, and blooging is the first thing I am doing, sitting at my desk.
I better get going. Though the office is merely one fourth of the usual crowd, there is One pair of eye and One pair of ear that's  "observing" my screen wondering what I am typing for such a long time.


Bye then. Till the next, which God only knows when.

Toodles (Some teenage-girl goodbye technique I guess, that my friends and me had to put up with for 3months, every Sundays, three years ago!)


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Quick Drop By at My Own Page :)

Initially I started blogging as an attempt to improve my English.

But lately I rarely click on my own blog. Why? I guess it boils down to time management. In which I really suck, but it’s improving.

Probably should start doing this as a hobby. J

So. Let’s see. (Yes I am seated ay my desk with no clue what I am going to blog about).

But yes, there are a lot to write about. Beginning with NCK (my car), and all the way to 2011 New Year’s celebration.

Guess I missed sharing a lot of fun huh? Laughs.

There’s this one thing that I got to say. My veena.

It’s a beautiful piece of instrument. I may not have the fingers dance gracefully form one fret to another, from one string to another as Veena Chitti Babu, or the speed to land on the right few frets before the next note is plucked like Rajesh Vaidhya.

But I am learning, aspiring to be like them. Who knows, one day I might just learn from the latter legend. God’s grace, I hope to go far with this veena.

It’s such of an addiction, that I don’t realize time passing by. Not just 5 10 minutes, but an hour or so. My fingers used to hurt initially. But now I only fear of the string ripping the skin of, on each attempt of pulling the note. It still does hurt, but no longer the after-play-irritant or cut.

I hope I get to continue my veena lesson, not matter where I work, cause I already can’t imagine a life without a veena in it.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Weekend, After 1st Week@Work...

Last weekend, passed by very fast. So fast, it feels like it was just yesterday I walked into the house with amma receiving me at the gate.

Saturday morning was market round as usual. Appa woke me up at 730. I got out of the bed to learn amma was bathing and I had another half hour to sleep. (That felt really really good).. Just as we finished marketing and I walked towards the car, ane calls to say one of our cousin's wife passed away. May she rest in peace. The drive to the house and the crematorium was rather adventurous with my cousin Nadhu ane. I miss my machal - Sugi. House would have been even cheerful and fun if she had not gone back JB. Well, she needs time with her parents too.

Met up with Kri, Thina, Tank, Sotong, Dinesh and Anba and Arasu. Few others couldn't make it. I was less fortunate I guess. Vshan, this fellow is only good to promise. (Worse then me!!) Wait till I get my hands on him. "Evil laughs"

We kick started the night with Kri's burger at Scot Villa. Ordinary, but a costly one. After a one exciting week at work, being home and meeting up homies was so good. We then went to Rex, Subang to play Foosball. Honestly I had never played it? But, it wasn't that bad. Fun game to play, especially with crazy buds like them. I was laughing till we finished playing the last game. We just spun the levers and moved the players left and right. Ball kept knocking hard against the wall before we scored goals each. Also not forgetting the goal Gajen scored, on the other table, playing form our table. Haha. Didn't know that was possible. The after-Foosball was cool too. You know la. 

I would like to recall the using horse as a mode of transport! Everyone's imagination was moderate, until Kri & Thina describing Gajen arriving with the loud sound system and his horse run-dance their way. Hahaha.

Sunday morning. Up late, anne was getting ready to hit the road and amma the usual you-came-home-late-look. To JB he was going, to bring back his "Home Minister" and my best friend. Lunch was great. Felt like I was eating at Karikudi!! Haha. Evening we visited my periamma (big mum) who just had her sister pass away less than a week ago, and lately, her daughter-in-law. Was nice seeing her, and chit chatting with my cousins. Here comes the finale of Sunday.

To Uma Rani we went, dinner we parceled. Don't know why, but parents refused to eat there. (I simply tried the pantun tone? Obviously it sounds terrible! I will get back to the normal tone)

We went home, just in time to watch Deal ah No Deal ah! Then, it happened. I revealed to amma that I like someone. Yohooo!!

First step. I shall investigate how it has progressed from there, this weekend. Hope ane and machal could do some magic, that amma and appa need not worry about finding me a "ponnu".

I am also missing this little creature I picked up less than a year ago. Now she's done with night prayers, so dinner should be good, I guess. Let's see how it goes! Just know that I (*&^ &^%!!

Haha. Just as I'm writing this, I'm dozing off. I really got to retire now.

So good night all.

I would like to thank God for all these lovely people he has given me!!

Monday, 31 May 2010

Shopping - Walk Through Memory Lane

Last week, I went with my brother and sister in law to buy new clothes. Basically I got myself new shirts, to wear to work. 

We first walked into the Kamdar opposite the theater (the name doesn't ring a bell now) in town. We were there only half our before they closed down. Somehow we managed to get myself three long sleeve shirts that really fit me. (Big size people should go there. It's cheap, and you need not spend money for branded ones). We proceeded to the Kamdar next to Globe to buy the rest in the list.

I was surprised to see this elderly man who works in the outlet. We have been seeing him since the day I can remember, and Mathematically he would have been working there for 24 years now? Wonder how old is he.

(Ting ting ting ting - Glance of past memories)

I remember a time, shopping used to be our only reason for outing besides uncle's house, temples or functions. It used to be sort of one day event that I look forward to, once I am up. But the going have always not been very pleasant. Reason? I grew up with the ambient of, "Kuhan go look at some shirts that you like" and five minutes later, "This is dark, too bright and will get dirty easily, nah try these on", "Aaah, this looks nice on you". Or, the outnumbered tries of pants and still don't fit me. No matter how much I try to tell them that I want to tailor make, they still insist on me trying pants of different brands.

The finale, always had been amma's sarre shopping. The walk behind the street, starts of with Saradas, Haniffa Textiles and finally Ajunthas had always been a delicious walk. There would be many stalls selling delicacies, and that's how we were bribed to behave well. After a certain time, shopping wasn't that interesting after the long hours of walking, looking, trying and waiting. And me being what they say " Saapadu Ramasamy", bribing me wasn't that difficult. Hahaha.

This is the catch to shopping outing last time. Bus rides. I never liked this part of the shopping. We walk from Ajuntha, to Sogo and then the bus stop across the street to get a bus back home. We would be very unfortunate is there isn't any place in the bus. As it is the mini buses then were like programmed not to drive slowly. Vigorous turns, sudden breaks. Haha, those were the days. 

(Back to current time, jeng jeng jeng!!!)

So, that's how shopping was last time. If not for the discounted rates, I guess we would have just went to Jusco Kepong and I wouldn't have walked through this memory lane.

Friday, 21 May 2010


Music has always been my best of interests. As how people have different perception on the things, music too is seen in may ways. It is an endless feel of joy. 

The way I see music, it's not only an expression, but could also make you express your emotion. It can also be Man's best friend. I am saying this, because that's how I live music or music live within me. Life could appear rather empty somewhat dull, without music.

To me, it began with thevaram class. (Don't take it for granted that I'm a good boy just for this reason - Lol). In the process, the interest to learn sangeetham arose, but I was little unfortunate that it would have been slightly difficult for my parents to manage, including my travel. God's grace, later in life, my brother was able to sponsor my sangeetham lessons. It was a magical, beautiful one year, till I forcefully gave up lessons to make way for SPM tuition. (Not that I excelled, could have just continued. Sob sob) In the same time, my thevaram master also thought us some basic sangeetham. This had given me little enough knowledge, to learn sangeetham on my own.
I won't consider myself okay, compared to so many talented sangeetham vocalists in town. Doubt if I could even be compared to them.

So, this how I'm still tact to sangeetham. I look for my favorite kirthanas or krithis and it's respective swaras, also not forgetting the respected piece rendered by either MLV, MSS, Sudha Ragunathan or Bombay Jayshree. How good I am, is not for me to say.

This practice has taken me one step further, to play and recognize certain ragas. Recently, my friends (Kri, Thina, Gajen) and myself composed a piece of Mesha Kalyani. It is still in parts, and I'm sure it would be beautiful to hear them all as one piece. Soon. So, music is really interesting. Learning on our own, doesn't slow down the process, instead it sticks better in our memory. After completing this song, I hope to be able move on to another piece that I have been humming in mind for quite some time. God's grace, I anticipate that Kyk.Inc will complete three songs this year, including a tune that Kri has been working on.

My next step is to begin veena lessons. Can't wait to get my own, and get started with class.Perhaps Thulasi could give me a hands-on introduction?...

(Big pat on my back - "Good luck boy" Hahaha)