Monday, 14 June 2010

Weekend, After 1st Week@Work...

Last weekend, passed by very fast. So fast, it feels like it was just yesterday I walked into the house with amma receiving me at the gate.

Saturday morning was market round as usual. Appa woke me up at 730. I got out of the bed to learn amma was bathing and I had another half hour to sleep. (That felt really really good).. Just as we finished marketing and I walked towards the car, ane calls to say one of our cousin's wife passed away. May she rest in peace. The drive to the house and the crematorium was rather adventurous with my cousin Nadhu ane. I miss my machal - Sugi. House would have been even cheerful and fun if she had not gone back JB. Well, she needs time with her parents too.

Met up with Kri, Thina, Tank, Sotong, Dinesh and Anba and Arasu. Few others couldn't make it. I was less fortunate I guess. Vshan, this fellow is only good to promise. (Worse then me!!) Wait till I get my hands on him. "Evil laughs"

We kick started the night with Kri's burger at Scot Villa. Ordinary, but a costly one. After a one exciting week at work, being home and meeting up homies was so good. We then went to Rex, Subang to play Foosball. Honestly I had never played it? But, it wasn't that bad. Fun game to play, especially with crazy buds like them. I was laughing till we finished playing the last game. We just spun the levers and moved the players left and right. Ball kept knocking hard against the wall before we scored goals each. Also not forgetting the goal Gajen scored, on the other table, playing form our table. Haha. Didn't know that was possible. The after-Foosball was cool too. You know la. 

I would like to recall the using horse as a mode of transport! Everyone's imagination was moderate, until Kri & Thina describing Gajen arriving with the loud sound system and his horse run-dance their way. Hahaha.

Sunday morning. Up late, anne was getting ready to hit the road and amma the usual you-came-home-late-look. To JB he was going, to bring back his "Home Minister" and my best friend. Lunch was great. Felt like I was eating at Karikudi!! Haha. Evening we visited my periamma (big mum) who just had her sister pass away less than a week ago, and lately, her daughter-in-law. Was nice seeing her, and chit chatting with my cousins. Here comes the finale of Sunday.

To Uma Rani we went, dinner we parceled. Don't know why, but parents refused to eat there. (I simply tried the pantun tone? Obviously it sounds terrible! I will get back to the normal tone)

We went home, just in time to watch Deal ah No Deal ah! Then, it happened. I revealed to amma that I like someone. Yohooo!!

First step. I shall investigate how it has progressed from there, this weekend. Hope ane and machal could do some magic, that amma and appa need not worry about finding me a "ponnu".

I am also missing this little creature I picked up less than a year ago. Now she's done with night prayers, so dinner should be good, I guess. Let's see how it goes! Just know that I (*&^ &^%!!

Haha. Just as I'm writing this, I'm dozing off. I really got to retire now.

So good night all.

I would like to thank God for all these lovely people he has given me!!


  1. Macha, I didn't know that you are blogging. I find that this is an interesting things to do in life but yet skeptical about it- sharing personal info and experience in the net.. That might post a threat from your enemy you know.... ;-p
    Anyway, what an interesting blog you wrote.. Gajen with Proton KUDA ha ha ha ha....

    Dei macha, tell your parents ready ah... That is awesome mnn... Congrats and yeppa treat?

    Alright, my wishes for you to keep blogging...

    Take care.. Cau

  2. Thanks Thina.

    Do you blog too?