Monday, 31 May 2010

Shopping - Walk Through Memory Lane

Last week, I went with my brother and sister in law to buy new clothes. Basically I got myself new shirts, to wear to work. 

We first walked into the Kamdar opposite the theater (the name doesn't ring a bell now) in town. We were there only half our before they closed down. Somehow we managed to get myself three long sleeve shirts that really fit me. (Big size people should go there. It's cheap, and you need not spend money for branded ones). We proceeded to the Kamdar next to Globe to buy the rest in the list.

I was surprised to see this elderly man who works in the outlet. We have been seeing him since the day I can remember, and Mathematically he would have been working there for 24 years now? Wonder how old is he.

(Ting ting ting ting - Glance of past memories)

I remember a time, shopping used to be our only reason for outing besides uncle's house, temples or functions. It used to be sort of one day event that I look forward to, once I am up. But the going have always not been very pleasant. Reason? I grew up with the ambient of, "Kuhan go look at some shirts that you like" and five minutes later, "This is dark, too bright and will get dirty easily, nah try these on", "Aaah, this looks nice on you". Or, the outnumbered tries of pants and still don't fit me. No matter how much I try to tell them that I want to tailor make, they still insist on me trying pants of different brands.

The finale, always had been amma's sarre shopping. The walk behind the street, starts of with Saradas, Haniffa Textiles and finally Ajunthas had always been a delicious walk. There would be many stalls selling delicacies, and that's how we were bribed to behave well. After a certain time, shopping wasn't that interesting after the long hours of walking, looking, trying and waiting. And me being what they say " Saapadu Ramasamy", bribing me wasn't that difficult. Hahaha.

This is the catch to shopping outing last time. Bus rides. I never liked this part of the shopping. We walk from Ajuntha, to Sogo and then the bus stop across the street to get a bus back home. We would be very unfortunate is there isn't any place in the bus. As it is the mini buses then were like programmed not to drive slowly. Vigorous turns, sudden breaks. Haha, those were the days. 

(Back to current time, jeng jeng jeng!!!)

So, that's how shopping was last time. If not for the discounted rates, I guess we would have just went to Jusco Kepong and I wouldn't have walked through this memory lane.

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