Friday, 21 May 2010


Music has always been my best of interests. As how people have different perception on the things, music too is seen in may ways. It is an endless feel of joy. 

The way I see music, it's not only an expression, but could also make you express your emotion. It can also be Man's best friend. I am saying this, because that's how I live music or music live within me. Life could appear rather empty somewhat dull, without music.

To me, it began with thevaram class. (Don't take it for granted that I'm a good boy just for this reason - Lol). In the process, the interest to learn sangeetham arose, but I was little unfortunate that it would have been slightly difficult for my parents to manage, including my travel. God's grace, later in life, my brother was able to sponsor my sangeetham lessons. It was a magical, beautiful one year, till I forcefully gave up lessons to make way for SPM tuition. (Not that I excelled, could have just continued. Sob sob) In the same time, my thevaram master also thought us some basic sangeetham. This had given me little enough knowledge, to learn sangeetham on my own.
I won't consider myself okay, compared to so many talented sangeetham vocalists in town. Doubt if I could even be compared to them.

So, this how I'm still tact to sangeetham. I look for my favorite kirthanas or krithis and it's respective swaras, also not forgetting the respected piece rendered by either MLV, MSS, Sudha Ragunathan or Bombay Jayshree. How good I am, is not for me to say.

This practice has taken me one step further, to play and recognize certain ragas. Recently, my friends (Kri, Thina, Gajen) and myself composed a piece of Mesha Kalyani. It is still in parts, and I'm sure it would be beautiful to hear them all as one piece. Soon. So, music is really interesting. Learning on our own, doesn't slow down the process, instead it sticks better in our memory. After completing this song, I hope to be able move on to another piece that I have been humming in mind for quite some time. God's grace, I anticipate that Kyk.Inc will complete three songs this year, including a tune that Kri has been working on.

My next step is to begin veena lessons. Can't wait to get my own, and get started with class.Perhaps Thulasi could give me a hands-on introduction?...

(Big pat on my back - "Good luck boy" Hahaha)

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