Saturday, 17 April 2010

Thoughts... Random

So much so for final year, final semester.

Final year was supposed to be peaceful. Even with plant design project in it.

It would have been so for me too, but unfortunately, I don't seem to learn from lessons, no matter how hard they hit me. One good example, is getting clumsy with things at the 11th hour. (Hehehe) Though there is fun working in such situation, but trust me, at times, we'd regret for not having started earlier.

First in that list, is my final year project (FYP). I took things too easy the previous semester, when I assumed that the chemicals would be available. I only learned that they were all thrown away, towards mid of the semester. Nothing much I could do, than to fail and repeat it this semester. However, with high confidence that it would be easy, I only took the initiative to start work on FYP, in mid semester. So here I am, till now, haven't completed my FYP. It appears not easy as expected. Nothing at all!! Especially when the formulation fails, it's really stressful. Now I'm running out of time and only have very limited amount of chemicals. It's really a tensed situation. This has thought me not to take things for granted. Anymore.

Next is of course exams. Haha. I guess it's very normal, to mug at the 11th hour. But with FYP in mind, it's quite difficult to concentrate on either one. It is hard, but I have not much choice, if I chose to extend, which not at all in thought. So, I could only have God and my family support me.

Throughout bitter moment such as now, I must admit there are certain things that keep me smiling. Family, family to be, friends, FB and man's best friend - BED have kept me going. 

Amma who calls to ask if I would be back home by 2nd May, just because ane asked. Only because ane asked! 

Appa with the typical what you ate, what are going to eat. When's exam? When are you coming back.

Ane who goes, get to the point. Stop being a politician. I don't see the logic, but being 8years younger, guess there's nothing much that I could say, that would please him.

Anni, dead dog disease. Things haven't been so good, with my mouth, but now better i guess.

Not forgetting a little creature whom I picked up from some "kampung", off Jalan Ipoh. Very often I get corrected, but only Sentul slips form my tongue. The little "orbing" skills I had learned recently.

List just gets longer with a crazy bunch of friends at home. Don't know about others, but I could see that life would be quite empty, with out them in it.

Miss you all so much!

Now, many of my friends have been so into looking for job. Only then one day, we thought to ourselves. Once work life starts, all other commitments will just fall into place, bugging the hell out of us. Bills, fuel, food, marriage (laughs, but seriously scary!!!) and etc.

Sweet or sour, this is life!! Hahaha (As if I'm some philosopher)


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