Friday, 2 April 2010

Design Work Finally Comes To An End

Plant design, is indeed one of the toughest subject, offered in my faculty. As students, we have not much option than to pass this subject well. My contribution to this subject is not as great, because the chapters assigned to me aren't that complicated.

Yet, the tense was there. Days of sleepless nights, late mornings.

Finally today, all work came to an end, at 515pm earlier today. With that, is the end of our time for plant design. It isn't that over, as there is still presentation on the 5th April. I anticipate that it isn't going to be very pleasant, but I shall hope for the best, for the benefit of passing this subject.

Good luck to N-Tech Polymer Sdn Bhd and too all my batch mates.

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  1. Now it's over for good. Haha. PSM and exam..