Thursday, 25 March 2010

Final Week of Final Semester

It's the final week of my final semester in UTM.

Things are pretty much unlike anticipated. You name it, assignments, project and even my final year project. Not forgetting, exams!! I'm totally against the clock. I wish, I could just rewind time and be well behaved since the beginning. Or go back to the past and warn me of the consequences I may face later, for not being myself.

To begin with, I must blame no one than myself. Simply for being lazy and taking things for granted. Learning lesson the hard way and still not changing is just my way. I have tried, but they some how happen again. No determination? Or it's as what the Hindus say, time is not right? I sincerely feel, it's wrong to blame the Planets for not sitting in the right position for me, as if I had put in the effort, God will set the right paths for us!

Having said all these, I have not much choice, than to speed up my work, hope for the best and complete my work.
God Bless!!


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