Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Quick Drop By at My Own Page :)

Initially I started blogging as an attempt to improve my English.

But lately I rarely click on my own blog. Why? I guess it boils down to time management. In which I really suck, but it’s improving.

Probably should start doing this as a hobby. J

So. Let’s see. (Yes I am seated ay my desk with no clue what I am going to blog about).

But yes, there are a lot to write about. Beginning with NCK (my car), and all the way to 2011 New Year’s celebration.

Guess I missed sharing a lot of fun huh? Laughs.

There’s this one thing that I got to say. My veena.

It’s a beautiful piece of instrument. I may not have the fingers dance gracefully form one fret to another, from one string to another as Veena Chitti Babu, or the speed to land on the right few frets before the next note is plucked like Rajesh Vaidhya.

But I am learning, aspiring to be like them. Who knows, one day I might just learn from the latter legend. God’s grace, I hope to go far with this veena.

It’s such of an addiction, that I don’t realize time passing by. Not just 5 10 minutes, but an hour or so. My fingers used to hurt initially. But now I only fear of the string ripping the skin of, on each attempt of pulling the note. It still does hurt, but no longer the after-play-irritant or cut.

I hope I get to continue my veena lesson, not matter where I work, cause I already can’t imagine a life without a veena in it.


  1. You blogged after 8 months! yeay! *claps hand jumps of joy*

  2. Haha yes. Let's see how far it goes!