Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The year as seen till July

As I am online now, I realise my tomorrows is yet to arrive, even after 3 months. That’s how long have I not blogged.

In fact, this too I am not sure when would I complete and post it. Let’s see how many tomorrow it takes. (Today is 6th Aug 11).

So, what is there to say? Well. July is over. Significance: Half the year has passed by and another half to go. Overall, the year has been behaving. Lol. Apart from the minor uproars and disregards with dear ones, and the not so liking to work where I am now, it has been a wonderful year.

July - Aug is also the duration of Amman’s auspicious month. Thiruvizhas. The temple my house celebrates the Thiruvizha every year, and this year I was able to participate. It was indeed a tiring day, but at the end, feeling Her vibe had just made the day beyond perfect. Wish the vibe took away the aches and tiredness. 

Next waited temple visits are Sathurthi and Sashti.

2011 is full of much fond memories. I am just grateful to God for all the good he has put into my life. For all the uproars faced, I hope it is for a good start, for everyone.

Happy Waiting-For-Year-End folks!!

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