Monday, 11 January 2010


Reflection, as it sounds, means looking back into our past. Not just looking, but to think of what good and bad our action had caused onto others.

This is me, writing at the age of 23(turning 24). I think I had been more of a nuisance than anyone could be. Many a times, have I failed the people who Love me. Then, it didn't seem any big deal, but now after seeing a glance of sweet and sour in life, I have realised how much of a jerk have I been, all this years.
Much more could I write about how bad I have been, but I think enough I have regretted about myself.

I want a change! A new me! (Which I think I did promise, but it seems very glaring)

Only person whom I know will help me is Mr God. He's the bestest friend anyone could have! But I had been neglecting him too very frequently nowadays. I think the next person in line, is my mind &heart that I have to synchronise for the transformation of new me.

Wish myself good luck, and big pat on my back to motivate me!

God Bless...

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