Tuesday, 12 January 2010

11th, as a day to celebrate...

I'm very sad that I can't celebrate this as how I could with my family members too. Time is such, that it will take some time to celebrate days, such as this, at home with my parents. But if that happens, than there aren't any thrills, right?

Yesterday, 11th Jan2010, marked six months of a decision that has made my life even beautiful. In another six months, it would be one year. I hope that during this day, I would have my parents feel happy about it. But as for it concerns my parents, that would be lest predictable. Lolz. But nevertheless, I know what I'm doing is not wrong, and I have God to help me through tough times, then.

Six months had been a wonderful journey, as learning and understanding doesn't happen in a split second or overnight. It takes time, doesn't matter if your are fast learner (what else for a slow? - Lolz). the course that I had taken, hadn't not been smooth all the while, as that is life in reality. That's the beauty of Life. I would liek to quote this, something I heard form an advertisement by the Family & something Ministry - Imperfectly Beautiful. If I got it correctly.
It actully explains, how imperfect life is, with lots of tough time, sorrow but it makes our life even beautiful. Unique in its own way.

I can't stop thanking a friend of mine, who was there for me that night. When I were lost. Trying to interpret things as they were. And trying to absorb the reality and go on for it. For, such opportunities may not turn out as beautiful it was at that point of time, even if that decision day was planned well. Least for me, that's the situation. I know for sure, I won't be able to predict, when next it could happen.

Thanks to God too.

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