Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A visit to Klang prior to report in day!..

Hi guys.
I am doing my internship at SoonSoon Flour Mill at West Port. Here, I have written about my first day adventure to the company.

I and roads+signboards? We could never get along, unless I a have known the road for quite a while. I planned for an adventure, just the weekend before I was supposed to report in, to West Port. Saturday morning, still snoozing on bed, my old time friend, Arasu called me. What a coincidence, he was in KL for the weekend. He couldn't say no as I persuaded him to follow me. Since he too, needed my help, we compromised.

So sharp 1150pm, I arrived at his aunt's and we reached Klang close to 130pm. Port Klang was just 30mins away, instead we dropped by for lunch. Apart form the costly but tasty lunch, getting to West Port from Klang town, was quite amaze to me. Somehow, we made it, only till the port entrance, as a post pass is required to get into the port. On the way out of Pulau India, we identified a few eat outs and headed back to Klang town. It was then SHOPPING time!!.

And so, that was the first visit. I am sure there will be more interesting to write about my daily trips to Klang. We shall read together when I am done with it.

Tk cr..

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